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GB PLACE Lab. Is a communication studio focused on research into the avant-garde creativity. GB PLACE Lab. Moves on multiple communicational levels, from new media to traditional graphics through motion graphics and digital illustration, reaching the artistic direction of events and editorial volumes. Our way of working is focused on absolute interaction with the customer. Constant research and information on everything that happens in the world of design, fashion, art, technology, lifestyle and communication in its broadest sense allows us to have a multi-purpose and multi-functional approach to of the various projects submitted to us.

WETO was born with the intention of making the choice of accommodation for your holidays or weekends even faster, practical and economical. Once the necessary information has been entered, the engine will search for accommodation in all available accommodation facilities. Once the most suitable accommodation for the search is found, the client will be directed directly to the accommodation site, to finalize the booking without paying any commission. This means a considerable saving on the part of the structure compared to other platforms and therefore the possibility of applying more competitive prices on their rooms or apartments.

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How many times do you have a little time to lunch and make sure you have a flying sandwich or a dish with some local media quality? CICCIA is the right way to enjoy quality meat, cut in small easy eats and serve in a packaging suitable for every kind of need. The meat comes directly from the Chianti and cooked directly at the time of order. Everything accompanied by water or small goblets of wine, even that selected and combined with meat. Fast, healthy and easy for digestive. the ideal lunch for those who have little time but do not want to give up health.

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Born from a simple idea, probably already used but not yet commercialized. Use the pull of the extractor, to create a natural full-fiber bar. The pulp once made working, is glazed and enriched with ingredients suitable to be taste. Our idea is that of creating small stores where the sportsman of turno, the professional with little time on hand or the girl attentive to the line, enter and taste the goodness and genuinity. The bars can be already ready or made at the moment with the fruit chosen by the customer. Naturally it is a product of consumables within a couple of days to the maximum. We could also think of creating mobile spots for the city, near gyms, offices or places with high turnout.

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Pink Attitude is a way of living, of perceiving, of talking, of moving and of thinking. Irony and a sense of humor, sometimes even black humor or sarcasm, are fundamental components of this intellectual inclination, which results in a fast and rapid tangle that perfectly reflects the times we are living. Love and death, romance and decadence, eroticism and childlike innocence, pink and black, good and bad, hard contrasts but also closeness to one another, and how these contrasts delimit the boundaries on which this new way of thinking moves. Pink Attitude is the natural result of this particular moment in which culture mixes with trash, beauty with ugliness, love with hatred, day with night, man with woman, and all this generates strong contrasts and a lot of balance, yet it is through these contrasts that a very interesting area of ​​reflection is created, where our history, our ideas and our visions can be told using means that we like much more. Music, words, images, places, objects and, of course, people, all inside a Pink Attitude World.

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